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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 11, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EST

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we'll talk about the beautiful art here for us today. touchdown! >> got him. >> nicely done. >> the annual veterans day ceremony at arlington national cemetery set to get under way a life look at the tomb of the unknown soldiers where president obama will take part in the traditional wreath laying. first lady michelle obama and viewpoint viewpoint and his >> they'll make their way to the memorial in just over an hour. we'll bring you the full ceremony this morning as it gets fully under way. first we start with a fox news
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alert. an f.b.i. investigation that led to the resignation of david petraeus. the investigation was trillion dollars after a woman petraeus was having an affair with sent threatening emails to another woman who both of them knows. good morning, everyone,. >> a lot of questions remain unanswered. thanks for joining us. they're considered stunning new developments this morning from a scandal that's still continuing to unravel. it's also raised questions about the woman at the receiving end of the emails. there may be more than one and their connection to general petraeus. peter doocy is live in washington with the latest. >> we don't know who the third woman is involved in the email triangle between paula broadwell and general petraeus but it's not his wife, holly. and the f.b.i. was not looking for lusty emails when they started the investigation. they were looking for evidence of harassment.
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after they traced the harassing messages to paula broadwell's computer they discovered salacious notes between the four star general and his buyographer. >> the f.b.i. came across emails on his military email account in which he referred to doing something under the desk and there was a misinterpretation that meant corruption, and it actually meant sex. >> an f.b.i. whistleblower approached washington congressman dave reicher who passed it off to eric cantor. it then when to robert mull letter. they wanted to make sure the director was aware of the affair and possible national security breach but the chairwomen of the senate intelligence committee, diane feinstein, had no advance
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notice there was an investigation into the director of the c.i.a. and she plans to investigate why her committee was out of the loop. the white house says the president was not notified of the investigation until this week but peter king finds that hard to believe. >> if they were investigating for three or four months, the first thing -- if they found it out, they should have immediately brought it to the president's attention. it's the news crews have been outside the charlotte home paula broadwell shares with her husband and two young sons. nobody's been home for the last 36 hours but there's a message in chalk on the driveway that says dad hearts mom before all eyes fell on the quiet block in north carolina. >> some questions about how involved broadwell is in the
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thing. eric cantor releasing information and statements about his contact with the whole situation and the f.b.i. still developing. we're on it. thanks. of course petraeus's resignation coming at a sensitive time for the white house. congress set to hold hearings on the attack in benghazi. a new pentagon report shows top u.s. military officials were not told about the assault for nearly an hour and special operations forces were delayed many hours. new questions over whether petraeus will testify. >> john bolton, former embassador to the united nations joins us. good morning, embassador. >> good morning. >> do you buy this timeline about petraeus, that he resigned after the election and no one knew a thing until this came out? >> no, it's simply not credible. i speak in part not just as a
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state department alumnus but the justice department too. i can't believe if the f.b.i. investigating the c.i.a., to agencies who have no love loss between them, the f.b.i. uncovered possible problems with communications from the c.i.a.'s director, i have to believe that the director of the f.b.i. would have been informed of this in a matter of nanoseconds and i would be sunday if the f.b.i. director did not immediately talk to the attorney general as soon as he learned about this potential problem. and i then find it hard to believe that the attorney general wouldn't talk to the president. so we don't know exactly what the timing is, but i simply don't think on something this potentially consequential that the information drifted around at low levels for weeks or months. >> it's like the november surprise. they talked about the drone attack that iran fired on a drone on november 1st but that didn't come out.
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>> that's i think something that got lost in the shuffle here in the past few days. but that was another example in my view of selective leaking of national security information but the obama administration. they hold material classified when it doesn't suit them to release it, but as soon as they see political advantage, the anonymous leakers come out and then the pen gone confirms it. i think congressional is going to be busy on the petraeus matter, on the drone, on benghazi. there's a lot we simply don't know about. >> the joint chiefs of staff chairman and leon panetta weren't told for nearly an hour. what's your view of this new timeline that's been made public? >> jennifer griffin of fox news has done a minute-by-minute comparison and people should look at it. it either shows that there were gross dare elections in communication of this or people
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were takenning a remarkably passive attitude. notification of this attack went out almost instantaneously yet the timeline contradict one another. there are gaffes and there are long periods, unexplained, where nothing was going on. i don't understand this. state departments were i've served, if the secretary of state were not told immediately one of his embassadors was under attack and in danger, he would fire the people who failed to tell him and it was be 24/7 for the secretary of state and white house until the americans in jeopardy were either protected or the situation was resolved. it's the passivity for hours and days and weeks after it that i find inexplicable. >> jennifer's timeline is astounding. thank you for mentioning her. the fact is they don't match up.
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you're talking about a rescue team told to go. there was a delay of five hours. it took them 20 hours after this happen to try to arrive there. what do you think, embassador, went so wrong? >> well, i think we need to know more obviously about what the potential assets that were available to be deployed were. but to me, that simply highlights the many, many failures before the attack on september 11. the administration's refusal to grant repeated requests for enhanced security by libya country team, including by embassador stevens. why there wasn't planning even before formal diplomatic relation were assumed after gadhafi to change the disposition of the assets to americans out there on a limb in libya could have some better measure of protection. this strikes me as an
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administration wide failure and not one limited simply to dad decisions or bad choices made on the day of the attack itself. >> embassador, thank you. the hearings will be held later this week. david petraeus was supposed to testify. we'll have to see if indeed he ever does. embassador, thank you. >> thank you. >> for more, we will speak live with chris wallace later about his interview with california senator diane feinstein. she'll weigh in on the petraeus resignation and what it means for the hearings into the libya attack. back to the budget. the capital, politics, and the fiscal cliff. there's a decision taking place between the white house and congress. this week, president obama has
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actually invited congressional leaders to the white house to discuss a way to avoid the fiscal cliff. that's massive automatic tax increases and spending cuts that will kick in at year's end unless a deal is reached. let's find out if that's possible. john fund, national review magazine and coauthor of who's counting. >> thank you. >> start with asking about the president asking congressional leaders to come to the white house. a lot of people called for that. do you think we'll see bipartisanship? i better learn to say that because we hope it will be here. before the end of the year when we need it? >> well, there are two problems. one, there's not much time left and it's the holiday season. and the second problem is, this would be decided by an old congress which doesn't have the legitimacy of the new congress. i think we'll see a bridge over the fiscal cliff, temporary, where they kick down the road
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decisions on spending cuts and tax increases. then we'll have to have a grand bargain early next year involving rewriting the tax code which is longer than the bible. don't expect a permanent solution between now and december 31st. let's hope they come up with a temporary solution fast before the stock market and people become nervous and we lose more jobs because of the fear of increase, which would be the largest in american history in taxes. >> paint a picture. if we don't come to some sort of agreement and avoid some of the fiscal cliff implications, who's going to be the most hurt and what will it feel like? >> well, if you work for anything that builds stuff for the military, you're going to get hurt and there will be massive layoffs. if you pay taxes, everybody's going to see a tax increase. either through the alternative minimum tax or tax increases on the middle class. obviously a lot of people
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running small businesses will cut back on hiring. and so we've got a big problem. by the way, even if we solve the fiscal cliff in the next year we'll have an entitlement crisis. next year we reach the point, and it's never happened before, you take medicare and medicaid and social security, interest on the national debt and that will consume all federal revenues. that's never happened before. >> there's a prediction we could be spending the government up to 90% of our gross domestic product. how frighten something that? >> what's more frightening is what's happened to our economy. we lost 5 million jobs in four years and we've seen the number of people on food stamps and disability about up by 22 million. that's unsustainable. >> this is is this the worst position we've been in as a nation? >> no. there's the call for optimism.
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1980, our economy was worse. the difference between now and 91980 is we turned out an incumbent president and elected
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possibility some people voted twice. while the st. lucie canvassing board was to recount all 37,000 early votes at 7:00. they announced the recount will
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only involve the last three days. west trails the democratic changer patrick murphy. murphy claimed victory by 2,442 votes. just over the amount needed for automatic recount. more on this and the whole election next week from illegal voting in ohio to voter fraud which cost a congressional seat in texas. our address is >> newdevelopmentsfollowingfrom t hewreckageofsuperstormsandy. it'snotgettingeasyer. >> janet napolitano will head to new york city and get a look at the recovery efforts out there, particularly on hard hit staten island. as fema approves hundreds of millions of dollars in housing and other aid for storm victims. we're live in ocean side, new york. ainsley, you've been giving us a
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peek of how folks are coping. >> yes. people are putting their lives back together and they're ready to move forward. janet napolitano, we welcome you. everyone will tell you what they need. though want their power back on. this is one of the streets without power almost two weeks since sandy rolled through. look at this guy's house. all his belongings on the front lawn. thousands of dollars worth of sofas and chairs, speakers, shelves. their lives have been completely turned upside down. the man who lives here has friends helping, bringing out loads, putting them in the dumpster. everyone's impressed with how everyone's taking care of one another but the long island power authority, 86% of their customers lost power. they still have 126,000 that need power here on long island. a lot of people. folks here are upset the company hasn't come out and fixed the
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power, they're saying they're not living in a third world country, this is america and the power company is not coming out. one person held up a sign that said lipa stands for long island power authority, saying lying, incompetent, poor administration. we've seen the red cross coming out, they're over there across the street. you see construction workers out here trying to get the homes safe so power companies can restore the power. it's just complete devastation. listen to what some of these folks on the street had to say. >> lipa has to get the power on. this is ridiculous. >> it's warmer outside than it is inside. last night, i literally stayed on my step until i had to go to sleep because it was warmer outside. this is not acceptable. i have gotten all the papers lipa asked for deeming me that i can have my power back.
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they were supposed to come on friday to have those papers in their hands. they never showed up. it is sunday and they're still not here. i want my power back, so do deny neighbors, so does this town. >> she said it's colder in her house than outside. thank goodness for the nice weather today. >> it doesn't give them much of a break. thank you. keep us posted on how it goes today. >> i will, of course. as ainsley showed us, victims of sandy are struggling to recover from the widespread destruction. many are now only starting to deal with the real lingering emotional damage left behind by the monster storm. coming up, the doctors are here for "sunday house call" and they'll fill us in on how victims of disasters cope. >> a lot of people want to help. new questions about a new timeline on the deadly terror attack in libya. "fox news sunday" anchor chris
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wallace is here. he as an interview with diane feinstein. what he's uncovered. he'll tell us and give us a preview next. >> we're awaiting a veterans' day ceremony at arlington national cemetery. the president will speak there in just about an hour. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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it was a stunning resignation of david petraeus, a general, catching lawmakers by surprise, the a congress gets sets for hearings into the deadly terror attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. on "fox news sunday" an interview with the chair of the senate intelligence committee, diane feinstein who oversees the nation's intelligence agencies. >> it's a heartbreak. i'm very -- this is a truly bright man, a credible person, a great leader, and could have really been a super transitional figure for the c.i.a. this is very, very hard.
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and i do think he did the right thing. >> as a result of this i say res i resignation, general petraeus will not appear at the hearing into the deadly attack on the u.s. facilities in benghazi that killed four americans including our embassador. senator feinstein was asked if her committee needs to hear from general petraeus. >> we may well ask. it's up to the committee. we should he the first hearing, which is the way they wanted to set it up, then the committee will make the decision. >> joining me is the anchor of "fox news sunday," chris wallace. we've talked about a lot of interviews you've had. i have to say this one, to me, seems like such a critical one because there are so many questions regarding what does is this all about and is there any connection to anything that the general knows about the benghazi attack? what did you learn in the interview? >> i really commend this interview.
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she made a lot of news, first of all about petraeus. doesn't think there was a link but it was the personal mess he was involved n the interesting thing where she should he did the right thing. when she first heard about his resignation she wished the president had not accepted it. with more revelations coming out petraeus's relationship with one woman and the within between that woman and another woman who had some unspecified relationship with petraeus, she says he did the right thing. we also asked her in-depth about the hearings that are going to start. she said not a hearing, it's an investigation that begins with a closed hearing thursday about benghazi. the -- she said the committee will decide what to do but personally as one senator and the chairman, the thing she's most concerned about is she said
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there have been hundreds of pages of warnings and information that indicated our personnel in benghazi were not properly protected before the event, before 9/11. she said they wants to look into that and why it was the warnings went unheeded. >> let me ask you this, because big picture, and i have 100 questions but you have to watch to find out. whether or not during the entire time the six months f.b.i. investigation and the fact there was knowledge about threats to the benghazi consulate, whether or not she believes there was a breach
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